Sunday, September 26, 2010


Hey everyone! So on Sept 14 Keith and I found out that we will be welcoming a beautiful little boy into our family in February! We couldn't be more excited and are slowly but steadily making preparations. We have both decided that we would like to do a trains planes and automobile theme in the nursery for our little man:). Keith loved trains growing up so we thought this would be perfect! After finding out the gender of our little man I was able to catch my first set of consignment sales with Katie and Kirsten (mother and sister in law) and I found some awesome deals! I think I have his whole wardrobe for the first 3 months lol! It was fun being able to shop for my own baby stuff too;-)!I'll try and post some ultra sound pictures for my next blog and I'll try not to wait too long to blog again! lol Maybe by next time my tummy will be bigger so I can post some more tummy shots too?

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