Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rice Cereal

So Liam's pediatrician went ahead and gave us to okay on starting to give Liam rice cereal once a day. It has been interesting. How babies enjoy formula and rice cereal I will never know. They both smell horrible. I can only imagine that they taste just as bad. I can't wait to introduce Liam to the world of tasty foods! Until then rice cereal will do! He has actually been a champ and hasn't put up too much of a fight at all...heres a cute pic:)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day

Well lets just say for both Mother's and Father's Day this year it was a little surreal to Keith and me. I mean we are both parents now! For our whole lives we have been showering our moms and dads with homeade cards, noodle necklaces, potted plants, and even colored mock certificates stating that they were the greatest! Now we have entered a new era in our lives and pretty soon we will be showered with these gifts! Since Liam is only 4 1/2 months old Keith and I had to each take these days into our own hands. Well yesterday for Fathers Day I made Keith breakfast in bed and bought him this book from Deseret Book called Family Ties by L.Tom Perry. It's supposed to be an inspirational book on being a father. I hope he enjoys it and really takes in all the blessings you can and will receive from being a father. Keith is such a great dad to Liam and I couldn't imagine feeling blessed any more than I already do. Thank you Keith for being the wonderful man, husabnd, and father that you are! We love you!

New Ride:)

Keith and I finally purchased our first vehicle together! We bought a 2008 Nissan Pathfinder. We needed a family car and since I'm going to be the one driving it most of the time I decided that this was what I wanted. Keith liked the Pathfinder also. We were so excited to experience this "first" together! I love how the Pathfinder drives and I just love having more room in general!!

This isn't my exact one, but this is exactly what mine looks like:)!


So is turns out that my brother Michael and Keith's little brother Koury both graduated from high school this year. Michael graduated on June 10 and Koury graduated on June 11. Lets just say it was a busy weekend! I'm so proud of them both!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where has the time gone?!

Hey all! Yes I realize it has been about four months since I have blogged and considering I had a baby you would think I would have blogged his every move! Well no such luck. I felt I couldn't condense all that Liam has done into a blog! Well my friend Jenifer and her husband moved today and I told her that if she promised to keep up with her blog I would do the same so we can still know what is going on in each other's lives. I'm going to miss her and Colby. We have all been friends for about 3 1/2 years now. I wish them luck in their future and that nothing but great things come their way! Love u guys!

So, Liam turned four months last Wednesday and he is just growing soo fast I can't believe it! He is able to hold his head up now and is smiling like crazy. He is also babbling and cooing all the time. Every now and then he makes these real high pitched sounds that are soo funny! I love talking with him and having him interact right back. It makes me soo happy! Liam goes to get his four month shots this coming Monday and at his last appointment he weighed a little over 14 pounds. I'm thinking he will be at least 16 pounds when we go Monday! He is definitely becoming a little chunk and has the most cute delicious cheeks and those chubby dimply thighs that I just love!! I swear I kiss this boy a million times a day! He is probably already saying "Mooomm stoooppp!" hahaha. I need to enjoy these moments now before he gets old enough to be embarrassed by his parents. Keith is such a good dad to Liam and Liam is practically his mini me. I love watching them together. I have some of his monthly pictures that I am going to post below to see his progress and some others just because he is soo cute and it has been forever since I have blogged:)! Enjoy!

Some others:)

Little Stud! ^