Friday, October 2, 2009

Elizabeth Smart

I remember I was on vacation with my family the summer that Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped from her home in Utah. I remember how much of my heart went out to that family when I heard the news and how happy I was to see that their daughter was finally found 9 months later. You may ask why am I bringing this up? Well today at work I was on and was reading an article on her. It was heartbreaking to hear the horrible things that happend to her during the nine months she was kidnapped and away from her family. She was only 14 years old. She is now 21 and is planning on serving a mission next month in France. She is so lucky to have a loving and wonderful LDS family that cares so much about her spiritual,physical,and emotional well being.When I read that article it made me look up to her in a way. She went through all of that heartache,pain, and I'm sure psychological damage at such a young age and still drew nearer to her Heavenly Father. She is giving up her life and free time for 18 months to serve the Lord. I felt that even though we all go through hard times in our lives (not saying they are as bad as hers) we should look at her example and realize that we will get through it, especially if we draw nearer to the Lord. We shouldnt turn our backs on the Lord when times get tough.,,20309630,00.html