Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Officially Freaked Out!

So you know when we were all little kids and our parents would tell us "Good Night, Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!"? Well I used to take that with a grain of salt thinking that there is no such thing as bed bugs. Boy was I wrong. Yesterday I went shopping with my brother in law Kris's fiance Emily for her wedding shoes. On our way she asked if I had heard about the bed bug epidemic going on. I was like "NO!". Apparently bed bugs are a lot more prevalent in the US this year than they ever used to be. Ever since I had this little convo with her I am so freaked out. I think I've checked my bed like 20 times. The scary thing is that the eggs and larvae cannot be seen. The actual adult bugs can, but they are one of the hardest pests to get rid of! AHH! I know we don't have them, but there is always a what if? So i've been driving myself crazy thinking about it. I've read a lot online which is probably not a good idea, but I tend to resort to internet sources when I want to find out info about something. Check out this video I found....

Gross huh?


Hey everyone! Well the past few weeks have been a little busy. We went on a trip to Michigan the week of the 4th with Keith's family to visit Keith's dad's side of the family. It was definitely an interesting ride to and from. Keith's mom was able to borrow this 15 passenger van from a friend and we were able to fit everyone and our luggage! It was amazing. A little cramped, but we all made it in one piece. While we were there we all stayed at Keith's aunt and uncles house which was so nice of them. We were able to visit the Detroit Zoo, Greenfield Village, The Henry Ford Museum, and we got to see the Detroit temple. We even made a trip to White Castle even though I have to say I was a little disappointed. I had never eaten there before and was so excited, but the burger buns were soaked in the grease from the burger....ugh....anywho the trip was definitely a good trip! I'm so glad I can add Michigan to the list of states I've visited now. In about a week we are leaving to go to Orlando with my family! Love family vacations (some of the time haha).

OH and Liam went into the pool for the first time while we were here too!!

I was tagged in pictures on Facebook from Michigan! My camera is dead at the moment so I can't upload my pics!