Monday, August 30, 2010

Major Update:)

Hello everyone! I am now probably the most slack blogger known to man considering a lot has happend this summer and I never blogged about any of it?! Well if you keep up with me on facebook or in "real life" you know that Keith and I are expecting our first little bundle of joy in February!!! Whoo hoo! Despite my nausea, irritability,lack of taste for anything healthy and raging hormones I am so excited! We find out the gender Oct.1. I would like to start keeping up and blogging throughout my pregnancy at least as a short term goal ( which I think I can handle as a blogger for now:) ) so that everyone can see my progress:)! I am now 15 weeks and am finally starting to develop a little bump!!

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leanneiscool said...

Glad that you are taking my advice and blogging about this, little lady! I hope to see you again soon. I am so anxious to watch Little L grow as you grow =]