Monday, October 11, 2010

New Hair and Halfway There:)!

Hey everyone! So I had decided this year to grow my hair out long again, but when I went to get my hair cut friday I just decided, "Eh, I want it shorter again!". Now short for me is only a little above my shoulders. I have never been so daring to get it cut like short short where you pull out the pomade and spike it in the back and do something pretty in the front. I know that would never work for me and my husband wouldn't be too thrilled if I did that either. Some women look great like that, but not me lol. So here is a pic!:)

Oh and here is a belly pic at 20 weeks:)!! Halfway there! Whoo hoo!


Jenifer Howard said...

Very cute! Love the hair!

leanneiscool said...

Love your hair...and you don't even look pregnant yet. YOU SUCK =] Just kidding. You look absolutely amazing.

Christiana said...

cute hair