Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sir Elton John

So lately I have been listening to the greatest hit cd's of Elton John and just realized how much I absolutely love his music! He is so talented and I can't believe I never really realized it before. I always knew he was good, but I never sat and listened to his tone when he sings and his wonderful talent on the piano. Also, I think it was awesome that Lady Gaga and Elton John did a duet at the Grammy's! Two very talented people right there. He even said that she was the most talented pop singer at this time. I think I might have to agree!

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leanneiscool said...

I am so glad someone is seeing my point of view. I grew up on Elton John (thanks Dad!) and I am obsessed with Lady Gaga!
My cousin commented on the Grammy performance that "Elton and Gaga on the same stage together! Wow, the gays around the world just had one big heart attack!" (She meant that in no derogatory manner---she's a lesbian, herself)!

Yay for good music.