Friday, March 5, 2010

Keith turns 25:)

So tomorrow March 6 Keith will be officially a quarter of a century old! lol I love saying makes 25 seem so old! lol....Anyways I thought in honor of Keiths birthday I would name 25 things that I love about him:) Sappy I know;-)

1) His all time favorite thing to do is to make him laugh:)!
2) His determination and confidence in himself
3) The fact that we can be brutally honest with each other
4) The way he serves and loves to help others
5) The ways he makes me laugh
6) The relationships he has with his little brothers....its so sweet because they all hang out as if there is no age difference
7) The way he is with our nephew:)
8) His kisses and hugs:)
9) The way he cuddles with me
10) The fact that he is good at about anything! It drives me nuts sometimes but I do like that about him
11) He is never afraid to take a chance
12) I love that he asks me about my day....thats rare for a guy to do that (at least in my experience) and I love it:)
13) The way we both sing together just for fun at the most random times hahaha
14) The way he will say he is sorry...i always say no you're not but its cute because he changes his voice hahaha
15) The fact that we can talk about the gospel together and we are both members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
16) The way he cares about me and puts me first
17) His honesty
18) His faith and encouragement towards me
19) The ways he is always there for me
20) His creative ideas in the kitchen on nights I make him cook haha
21) The fact that he is my best friend
22) The fact that we have fun together:)
23) The way he smiles at me
24) The fact that we will get to spend eternity together getting to know eachother even more!
25) Last but not least the fact that he loves me:)

Happy 25th Birthday babe:) I love you so much!

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