Thursday, February 4, 2010

Am I going Green?!

So yesterday at work I was thinking of ways to save money on the little things I need around the house such as cleaning supplies, shampoo/conditioner, ya know things like that. I happend to come across a website that has "concoctions" of ingredients used to make homeade cleaning products. My mom made a homeade cleaning solution at home for the bathroom which worked well, but the vinegar smell was awful! hahaha BUT it worked and was cheap and didn't affect the environment by giving off chemicals. (Green?!) ahhaha. Here is the website! Once I start making them I will let you know how it works!

Also, I was in need of some deep conditioner for my hair and I wanted to find something I could make at home from natural products. Heres the recipe I found!

1 small jar mayonaise
1/2 avacado

Mix the two together and put it in your hair, cover with a shower cap and leave for 20 minutes. Then wash it out and you will have shinier and softer hair!

I may try that too:)! We shall see!


Jenifer Howard said...

We just always shop at the dollar store for our cleaning supplies! Comet works wonders in the toilets and baths and can also clean the stainless steel sinks! Also Big Lots has some good deals on things i never expected from them! I used to always try the making your own conditioning treatments and i never thought it was worth the effort and the one with avacado might not be cheaper than suave those avacados are expensive!! OH and our neighbor uses the vinegar to clean up doggy accidents, she says it works!

Claire and Tyler said...

Vinegar also makes the washer and drains not so smelly when they get that way! lol Vinegar can do anything!