Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Generic First Blog of the Year: New Years Resolutions!

Okay so I absolutely love the beginning of a new year because it gives me a chance to become more optimistic and to improve myself or things in my life or others. I am so excited about this year because Keith is graduating in May and I get to go back to school full time in August. Now...onto the resolutions!

1) Exercise more and lose about 10 unwanted pounds. (isn't that everyones first goal for the new year?! lol
2) Really become more successful with Premier Designs and book atleast 3 shows a month.
3)Read the Book of Mormon all the way through again.
4) Try to give someone at least one compliment a day.
5) Become an even better wife and help my husband get through his last semester.
6) Keith and I are going on the Zone Diet together so hopefully we will succeed at that.
7) Try to find more ways of service
8) Spend time with Keith renovating our home and landscaping our yard:)!
9) Watch my beautiful puppies grow to their full size (BIG) lol
10) Learn to love more unconditionally and not be judgemental. (Doing better:) )

Okay so I have a whole year to try and atleast do these 10 things so wish me luck! Good luck to all of you and your new years resolutions:)!

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leanneiscool said...

Yay! I am so glad you posted another blog. I literally check your site everyday to see if you posted something new. With the hustle and bustle of everyone's daily life and schedule, I feel like this is a way for me to keep up with you, at least! Good luck on your resolutions. I have a few of mine, too!
I hope to talk/see you soon!