Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tag: I'm starting my own! lol (Look what boredom can bring you to!)

**Name 3 things in each category!**

Favorite Restaurants:
-Macaroni Grill

Things that annoy you:
-When I'm tired and people won't leave me alone.
-(Some)Members at the credit union! lol
-People not washing their hands after touching raw meat

What makes you happy:
-My puppies
-My nephew

Favorite Past Times:
-When my parents paid for everything
-Riding around with my friends in HS as if we were the stuff of the big RR lol
-Hanging out with my dad

Favorite things to do:
-Spend time with my Keith:)
-Exercise (when I can)
-Sing or do anything with music!

Jobs I've had or had:

Okay so now tag 3 people....I tag Leanne, Jenifer, and Claire!

(I totally made this up because there was nothing to do at work! Feel free to add to it!)

1 comment:

leanneiscool said...

WHOA TINER, you really were bored! I'm about to be this bored, too and post it. It's not like I have any homework to do or anything ::cough::