Friday, October 17, 2008


Did you ever feel like you were prepared for a test, midterm, final, or whatever and went in to take it and then found out you didn't do as well as you felt you could? WELL that happend to me today when I went to take my health midterm. I love this class and I feel like I get a lot from each lecture. It just doesn't seem fair. (At least I didn't fail it though.) Well then I started to get bummed out about school and complaining as usual because I am way to hard on myself and just want to do my best with school ya know? And as usual Keith listened to me because he is so great:) and then to make my day better he surpised me with my first bouquet of flowers as a married couple:)...oh yeah and he brought me a sucker from the bank too bc that was one of his stops this morning:) Keith is so great and supportive and really encourages me all the time.

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