Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A month of Thanks

Even though it is already 8 days into the month of November I would like to start listing things in my life I am grateful to have. I know this is such a cliche blog topic for this month, but I think it is a great thing to write out what you are grateful for because sometimes we can get caught up in life and not realize just how lucky we really are. There has been something the past few months that I have just felt so amazingly grateful for and it is something in life that I feel people take for granted until the time comes. I am so grateful to be able to bare children ( or at least one so far). I hear so many situations today about women having such a hard time conceiving or that they can't at all and it breaks my heart. A lot of these women are such wonderful people and would make great mothers. I don't know what I would do if I found out I was unable to have children. Liam has definitely been such a blessing to our lives. I couldn't imagine life without him. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for him and for the gift of being able to have children. For those of you out there trying and not having any luck, keep trying it just might not be the right time yet. For those of you out there who can't have children, we are so lucky to have other options in society today to make it possible to still have a family. My heart goes out to everyone and I hope that if having children is no problem for you that you are so grateful for that wonderful gift in life that the Lord has given to you.

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