Monday, December 20, 2010

Pregnancy experiences thus far...

Since I'm horrible at blogging and keeping an actual journal I thought I'd list the things i've gone through during my pregnancy as a record for myself....lets see

June 24 I asked my sister to meet me on my lunch break with a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant! (June 25 I confirmed this:) )

I remember finding out and feeling so excited yet overwhelmed and scared that this was really happening at the same time. Immediately I wanted a baby bump! hahahaha!

Throughout my first trimester I had such bad morning, day, and night sickness and couldn't wait for my body to be able to eat normal food again.

As I transitioned into my second trimester it was like day and night as far as my nausea went. It went away completely and I started to feel good and my belly started to grow...I started feeling our little boy move around 20 weeks or so and ever since he has been non stop. I have loved every minute of his movements!

During my 2nd trimester I grew a lot (my belly did) lol and the whole idea of being pregnany sunk in and became more real! Towards the end of my second trimester I found out about my dynamic cervix which has now been a cause for concern ever since I went in at 26 weeks. I am now 30 almost 31 weeks and as I entered my third trimester was put on bedrest.

Bedrest really hasn't been too awful. It's taught me so far not to throw pity parties for myself because it doesn't get you anywhere. I need to have my eye on the prize which in this case is a full term healthy baby. This isn't all about me and I need to remember this situation is only temporary.

I'm so excited to meet our little boy. I feel so blessed that Heavenly Father has trusted Keith and I enough to send us a special spirit here on earth to raise. :)

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