Friday, December 3, 2010

Dynamic Cervix?!

So, how many of you have ever heard of a dynamic cervix? Sounds kind of sketch right? I mean what does that even mean?! Well apparently I have one. A couple of weeks ago I went to see my OB bc I had a certain concern. Well they brought me in and did an ultra sound so I got to see my little man and they measured my cervix. Well they tell me to go home and come back a couple of hours later when the on call doctor comes back from a delivery so I can be examined. So I go back and have the exam and then go into this particular doctor's office after all the awkward looking and examining is done. She then looks at me and says "Well, your cervix measured to be about 1.8 cm and it is supposed to be 2.5. I am a little concerned." She proceeds to pull out her handy doctor anatomy book to show me a cervix haha...thank goodness it was a drawing thats all I'm saying. I'm sitting there thinking," Well what is the big deal?" She then says, "You could possibly have this baby in two weeks." WHAT?!!!! ok ok she tells me to take it easy and come in the next day to have what they call an FFN test done which can tell you whether or not you will go into labor within the next week or two....Oh how I love modern medicine/testing/knowledge. So I goto my car crying and called my mom because HELLO there are due dates for a reason and I'm def not ready yet! I know the baby can come anytime, but you are always awaiting the due date. My mom calms me down and tells me just to take it easy and go back the next day. So I went the next day and had the FFN done and another ultra sound of my cervix. So you might be wondering when the whole "dynamic cervix" comes into play. My cervix had grown or whatever back to 2.5 cm where it was supposed to be! PHEW! I bed rest! So now I am a patient that they need to watch to make sure I don't go into preterm labor. Luckily my FFN came back negative which means I won't be going into labor as of two weeks from two weeks ago. I was given strict instructions to be on pelvic heavy lifting, exercise, ect....not bed rest thank goodness, but I just need to not over exert myself. Well today I go for another check up and they proceed to do another cervical ultra sound....1.8 cm AGAIN! Well my OB is a little concerned and he said (yeah I am now seeing different OB's each time I go) he wanted to do another FFN and that I should get steroid shots to help with the baby's lung development just in case I have him early. So I got my first one today and am going tomorrow to get the second. Talk about stressful?! I mean I would love to see my baby earlier, but he needs to cook! Thank goodness he is doing well and is moving like crazy. They told me he was 2 lbs at 26 weeks so I'm thinking he might be a little chunk, which I would love! All I can think about now is when is he going to come? I need to be mindful of what activities I do and I need to rest a lot which sucks because I'm not a person that can just lay around all day. All I can say is I hope I can have both of my baby showers in January before he comes! Please keep Liam and me in your thoughts and prayers that everything turns out for the best and that he can be as healthy as possible.

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leanneiscool said...

Little Liam seems to be one eager little beaver to get here! Take care of yourself, Mama!