Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hey everyone! My name is Chrisina Collins and my husband's name is Keith:). We were just recently married this past June:)! I would have never found out about this blog site if it wasn't for Jenifer (thanks girl!). All I say is that I hope I keep up with it! Well anyways...this weekend Keith and I are in Roanoke Rapids, NC visiting the fam and they're taking us to Busch Gardens today for the Halloween festivities! I'm so excited bc I have not been to Busch Gardens since I was in 6th grade! Haha! I wish I was more a roller coaster person though. I've been on them before, but I'm so scared of being so high in the air!...(and going so fast:-/ lol) I'm hoping I'll be able to post some pics on here IF i figure out how to do it. Well I better start go getting ready bc we're leaving soon! Til next time:)

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