Saturday, April 11, 2009

Snag Remover!

Hey you all! I know I have not blogged in forever again and I feel like this is becoming a pattern? hmmm...hahaha yeah. Well anyways a stumbled upon on a new invention(well new to me) and it is amazing! It removes snags without tearing any material! Keith and my comforter started snagging (or getting those white lint balls that stick) and I knew my sister had some sort of device that got rid of snags so when she came to visit a couple of weeks ago I had her bring it. Well I loved it, so when I met my mom in Raleigh yesterday she bought me and her one! I'm so excited for my new snag remover. It works on anything like pants, shirts, blankets, and whatever you can think of :)





David and Leda Johnson said...

That is seriously cool! I want one!

leanneiscool said...

Christina. I am so glad that it doesn't take much to please you, otherwise Keith would be in trouble! JUST KIDDING. The snag remover would seriously excite me too...I need to get one =]