Monday, January 12, 2009

My poor foot:(

So today was an eventful day. I woke up like I do any other Monday morning wishing that it was the weekend still and dreading going to work and of course school when we are not on a break. This morning Keith and Tyler were going to the gym and I decided I would go and get my workout in instead of going tonight. I get there and I go off and do my own thing. I decided to do legs today and everything was going well. When it was about time to go I saw that Keith and Tyler were still working on their last machine so I decided to go to another leg machine before we all left. I get there and I see that there is way to much weight to life and I can't do that! I was lifting the 45 pound weights off the side of the machine(There was like three 45 pound weights on each side) and I was about done. I went to go lift one of the other 45 pound weights and totally dropped it right on my foot! OUCH! It took me a second to realize what I had done. (you know when it takes a few seconds to realize you're in PAIN!) I hobbled over to Keith as fast as I could before the pain got too bad and burried my head in his chest and just cried! IT HURT! So needless to say we left. We dropped Tyler off and got home. I was still crying and couldn't believe how much of an idiot I was for not being that careful! LUCKILY my foot was not broken. As of now it's very bruised and I can't really walk on it. I'm so blessed to have a great husband who took care of me all day. He did everything for me today and really played the role of Dr.Keith:). I just hope I'm not out of work for much longer. I hope by tomorrow walking comes a little easier. BUT just a word from the wise(well now wise). Whenever you go to the gym and you are moving weights or lifting, please watch your feet and pay close attention to what you're doing!

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